Meryl Silverburgh is a main character in Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

She is a United States Army soldier, who served in both FOXHOUND and the Rat Patrol. She is a 5'7 Caucasian with a defined, muscular body, a pale skin-tone, and a trademark mop of red hair. In her first appearance, she's 18 and wears a black tank-top with matching fingerless arm braces, olive cargo pants, and brown winter boots. In her second, she's 27 and wears a black T-shirt under a beige vest with beige cargo pants, matching boots, and black arm sleeves under olive gloves. Her jiggly ass is actually an important plot-point (the player needs it to identify her in disguise), and if the player is fast enough, can catch her changing so there's an entire cutscene where she's in nothing but her tank-top and panties.