MSF Soldiers are playable characters in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

They are members of Militaires Sans Frontières's Combat Unit. While some are male, there are plenty of sexy MSF females too. By default, they wear drab jungle fatigues, black boots, fingerless gloves, and a balaclava that covers them up. They can be stripped down to a mere black T-shirt, though, to show off their tanned, muscular physiques. Originally, they didn't even have T-shirts, giving players a front-row seat to their impressive breasts, their nipples covered up by their harness, but this was unfortunately censored in the final cut. They can also wear cool looking sneaking suits and tuxedos to show they're all brunettes. Also, basically every female MSF soldier has slept with Miller (some even cheated on their boyfriends to do so), proving they're all heterosexual (or bi). Some of them were originally prisoners of war, where they can be found by the player as tied up and in a yellow jumpsuit.